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I liked the speech the first time I heard it...8 years ago.

It's brilliant, gotta give it that.  A red herring.  No, seriously.  This whole plaguerism thing was PLANNED.  It does no real damage to him.  It got the news cycle focused on this ONE STUPID EVENT and away from France and away from Germany and far far far away from the angry mob of delegates IN THE ROOM who were trying to get Trump kicked out and pointing rather loudly at how a vast majority of the Republicans (60%-ish) DON'T WANT HIM and how all of Colorado walked out of the convention...
Anyone remember these things happened too?  Not so much.  The entire news cycle is obsessed with the model reading off a script not saying anything.  I mean, what else did she say?  No one cares!  Can we blame her?  No.  Does any of this //matter//?  NO NO NO.

whirr click whirrrrr goes the news cycle.

OMG people I'm begging you to pay attention that this is all showbiz.  Razzle dazzle.  This is REALITY and  what happens on TV actually /can/ hurt you and your family.  A lot.  He's selling you a product.  It will not wash your windows.  The ad is lying to you.  You will be paying for this product for the rest of your life and there is no refund, no lawsuit, no one to complain to.  Ever.  The phone will never pick up.

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