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Fix Your Animals

No, really. NO, SERIOUSLY. Bring animal to vet. Get animal fixed, neutered, spayed, snipped, clipped, chopped, Bobbit-ed, what-EVah.


Lots of clinics and vets have discount days or will do it for free or put you on a list or something. Call and ask. They won't turn you into the cops or whatever. Ring-a-ding.

Why am I bringing this up? First, I had a good friend whom I thought was a good person right up until...she got a cat. She did not get the cat fixed. She let the cat go out and get pregnant. The cat had kittens. She decided she didn't want the kittens or the Momma cat for they were messy she threw the entire lot out the back door. Oh, and MOVED.


"I drive by. I still see a couple of them every now and then out by the road."


A friend at work just told me that her daughter's cat has had kittens. The kittens are 3 weeks old. One died last night. Another died this morning. They are going to try leaving the cats alone in the basement for awhile and see how that works. They are planning to get rid of all of the female cats and just keep the male cats. Because they don't want to have any more kittens around.


As I was telling other coworkers my disbelief more of them told me their own "my animal isn't fixed" stories. It occurs to me just how often I hear this and I can not figure out the Why. I never have.

This just stuns me. Frelling stuns me. You get an animal you should be responsible for it. Should be. You don't tie a dog out in the yard for its entire LIFE just because you're too cheap of a BASTARD to get an alarm system. It's a DOG. It's alive. It has thoughts and feelings. No, really, it does. No, yeah there's like evidence and everything. It's alive.
You've taken a pack animal, (you know what a pack animal is right? It's an animal that NEEDS company. Even yours, my jackarse EX), and you've put it in solitary confinement for its entire life. You throw food at it once a day - if it is lucky. Maybe you've petted it a couple times. Congratulations. Yeah, guys in prison get better care. What the hell did that dog ever do to you or anyone else? Molest your kids? Kill anyone? Or was it just born and you decided it just wasn't hell enough unless you could crush a smaller being under your thumb?

It just amazes me how I keep running into this attitude time after time from otherwise normal looking people. No wonder serial killers can hide amongst us. They start by torturing animals too.

Honestly, it's CHEAPER to get an animal fixed. It doesn't run out of the house to get sex and get hit by a car and create big vet bills. It doesn't scream in the night, waking you up so you're all grumpy at work. It doesn't explode internally due to hormones, (yes, have seen a cat do this and guess what the vet trip cost?) It doesn't have a litter of babies that you then have to feed for weeks and clean up after and take to the vet for more shots. One tiny operation cost VS cost of shots for a litter of 3 or more? Do the math.
You do get your animals to the vet for their shots, right?

No, I'm no princess of holiness with my own animals. My cats are months behind on their booster shots. I've missed their yearly check-up. I mostly ignore them when I am home.

But you know, they are fixed and they are fed and they have flea drops and toys and I take them to the vet when they get sick. I'm not great, but I'm not awful. I'm in the middle.

I don't understand why my friends at work don't get their cats fixed. I don't understand how the kittens are 'just dying' and not going to the vet. I don't understand why this is not a concern.

It doesn't hurt them. Stop you know what I mean. They aren't going to hate you for making them less of a whatever. They won't care. You know how they are when they are not in heat? That's how they'll be. Just like that. Not thinking about sex. That's it. That's all. That's all it does. They get to not think about sex. And that's OKAY. You may think about sex. You are not your animal. Stop projecting. You're not less of a man with a fixed animal. You're not depriving a wittle girl animal of the 'joys' of motherhood. Girl animals are not happy when they are in heat. Stop torturing your animal. Stop depressing your little animal by not allowing it to get a date when it is feeling pretty. Stop making your boy cat go out and fight. You are not your animal. Stop projecting. Your animal does not gain you street cred by being tough. No. Get a kid and force it to be a football player if you're that desperate. Leave the tiny wittle animal alone.

In other news, for those of you wise enough to have skipped that section, I was watching part of a movie this morning on the Independent Film Channel. It was called The Empty Mirror. Apparently about Hitler. (Ack! I just lost a debate! LOL) Very interesting in the way that it was done. Black and white footage. An actor portraying. Strange flashbacks and ...well, just catch it if you can. Cinematography was very good.

"Take any normal man and cloth him in a uniform and he will commit acts which he previously never imagined." Or some such. Full of lines like that. Very thought provoking, IMHO.

I feel it is important to sometimes really grasp Hitler as a man. A human. Not a monster. Not some wacko that we easily dismiss as being Other. Too far from the norm to be mistaken for anything but the Evil. It is important to see him as a man. Just a man. No more or less. One of us. For how else can we recognize him when he walks this earth again? Or when he walks within our own skin?

What if he shaves off that silly mustache? Hmm? Hmm? Then what will you do? Hmm? How ya gonna recognize him then? The Mustache of Evil is kind of a give-away.

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