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Okay so you've probably heard by now that the singer Meghan Trainer, famous for her earworm hook "all about the bass, no treble", made a video for her new song.  Apparently fans noticed and notified her that her body in the video had been photoshopped skinny.  She (bless her little heart) had the thing pulled and an un-retouched one put up.
We can only hope this is all true, including the un-messing with the new version.  My reaction was Yay and my mother's was "and she got a lot of publicity, didn't she?"

I have ZERO IDEA that one was able to photoshop a video.  An entire video!  They changed her hair and her body.  It's weird to see side by side before and after.

On a related note I saw The Avengers movie (whichever is current) yesterday as a birthday treat from my friend.  Just before the movie started I was complaining that all the CGI action crap leaves me cold.  It's so much //more// to watch stunt people flinging themselves and vehicles around.  It's real.  It's possible.  Okay, getting up after is not, but it still has a feel that CGI has not.  CGI is a cartoon.  Boring.
I was watching the film, being bored by the fight scenes for just this reason and the horrible visual stuttering that seems all the rage in fights now when my mind wandered to notice other things - like how characters wearing full face masks have their mask's eyes narrow and widen.  Um...what?  And in the middle of the battle I leaned over to my friend and said, "WTH?  Those girls have like 10 inch waists!  No one is built like that."  So really, I need to remind her to tell her kids that not only is the violence Not Real, as in no buildings were harmed heck there probably weren't even buildings there but Hey the ACTORS are hovering faces over Not Real bodies.  Kids, you know that flashback scene where the guy is a teenager again?  You remember how his face AND body were skinny teen?  Yeah, Not Real.  None of this is real.  Nobody's butts are shaped like that.  You'll see that nothing is flexing.  Her legs are not like that.  His shoulders and delts are not like that.  They don't look like that.  It's a cartoon movie.  Painted.

Anyway SCARY concept.  Photoshopped movies.  Like magazines weren't bad enough for our self-image.  *shudder*
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