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facepalm tax

Okay, note to self: LJ now crashes the entire page if I attempt to use the back arrow key.  WTF.  Third attempt...

I finished my taxes.  On time.  Barely.  Naturally.  (As opposed to naked which would be weird.  And better with chocolate.)
I've just checked the math via filling in the internet forms.  It seems the paper forms I completed and have already sent in are perhaps incorrect.  By a LOT.
I expected a refund from the state and I might actually owe them.  I expected to pay the Feds an arseload of my money and yowled loud as I wrote the enormous check.  Seems they may owe me.  My mail may get interesting.
Good/Bad news- Hey, at least the Feds can't complain I didn't pay.

Have I mentioned I do math for a living?  Fail!

I should also find out if I can deduct my union dues.  Interesting idea.
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