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October! Is sticky scary that it's damn close to the end of the year already, isn't it?  Yikes!

So...update.  I was getting my yearly physical and the doctor wanted to run some routine blood tests and...I checked off a couple extra ones on the form just because I'm curious.  Yes, without telling him.  Ahem.  Bad girl!

I'm re-elected to count the money at work.  (Count de mo-nay!  It's pronounced Count de mo-nay!)

It's fall.  The trees started turning in mid-August but they are starting some serious RED now.  1/4.
It's raining.  We need the rain.  We will not (knock on wood) be getting this particular hurricane.

Just saw most of my family.  Everyone looks good and seems happy.  I did not do a heart to hear with the neice but then I'm very self-centered and very self-involved and YES I do think I'm the most interesting person in the room.  It's a FAULT.  I'm aware.  I thought about doing it and then the thought got pushed aside by other thoughts.  Le sigh.  I also need focus.

That's about it.  How's your fall starting off?

Oh and you should see
The New Simon's Cat.
The canadian version of candid camera "Just for Laughs  Gags"
And the Star Wars Ewok Prank video.

...yep.  that's all folks
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