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And now for something July

Well nearly.  Again, far too much to say and zero time.

I'm appauled at The Duggers.  I don't much care about Bruce Jenner Caitlyn thing long as she's happy and her family is coping well whch seems to be the case.  White House lit up in rainbow was cute as well as the other landmarks.  But that's not my fight.  Cary Elwes on Wits radio show NPR.  Weather is about to turn hot, which may seem late inthe season but I expect fall will be delayed too. I shop at Goodwill too much.

My friend is trying to get back into the workforce after taking off 12 years to start her family.  She's having trouble getting interviews and networking.  A 12 year gap doesn't look good on a resume' I take it, and contacts have dried up.  Sooooo  any hints?  Any suggestions?  She's really trying her best.  We agree that "networking" is an awful practice of cronyism.  However...that's the dish that is on the plate, ya know?  She's frustrated that the one rule is "Don't talk about Fight Clu.l...Don't ask networks for a job."  WTH?

And my cat is sick.  I'm worried.  He's lost even more weight and has developed occassional tremors. I know  Go to vet.  But  I can't fit it in until next week   :(

I have developed a thing for men's ties.  Need a tie?  Can't!  Mine!

Who is going to Chicago with me next year?
Tags: cats, sticky

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