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June already. Post-it

Gads so much and I can't recall anything.

Watched Minister's questions.  My aren't they wearing bright colors post-election?

I'm watching Miss Fisher Mysteries.  I think I still prefer the books, but the series is growing on me.  Especially the dour DI Jack Robinson who isn't anything like he is in the books.  Unresolved Smex Tension indeed.  I do miss when Miss /doesn't/ cat around but one can't have everything.  Apparently there may even be a movie.

If you've never encountered Text From Last Night you may not get this
If you've never seen the Miss Fisher show you most prob will not get this
But if you have. this is hysterical

and some Fisher youtube

caro emerald?  Never heard of the singer but the song is kinda swingy so I likes.
Oh and the caberet version of Taylor Swift's Blank Space was also interesting.  Just saying.

which reminds - kudos to the pop-culture princess (whomever) who recently took offense at being refered to as pop-culture boy's Ex.  She hit the socials with a nice rant about how she's sick of this and no woman should ever be defined as a MAN's past, present or future.  "I am not property!"  Yay, you tell 'em!  Preach it sister!
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