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A post for no real reason except that Alton was boiling spaghetti tonight.

In my family we boil the spaghetti in the largest pot and when it is done...we take a big fork and fish it out of the pot onto our plates. I was appalled when I discovered other people dirty up a colander for this task. IT'S WEIRD. And they use oil and things to keep the big glob of pasta from setting into cement before you go back for seconds. ALSO WEIRD. We don't even add salt.

I will admit that it might be slightly weird that I pour tomato sauce strait from the jar onto my spaghetti. At least other people seem to find it weird. But in my book, boiling hot spaghetti + room temp sauce = nicely warm dinner.

I also seem to feel that "spaghetti" should not have and "h". It's spa-getti. Getty museum. Not spag-hetti. I SAY SO. Tho I don't think I ever called it "Ess-ketti".

Oh and on that long meme I haven't filled out yet...
The talent I would like to have is -- to be able to sing. Really sing so that other people /enjoy/ listening. Being able to belt out a broadway show tune would be a nice bonus.

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