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New Simon's cat!

peter g

Also I like Iggy Pop's Nightclubbing, but all the covers SUCK as they are far too slow.  It needs a good deep thumping vibe but not slooooooooow.  :P
anyway, got me thinking of music videos that are important, that kids should watch for the VIDEO experience.  Natch, Peter Gabriel's sledgehammer.  What else?
(I like PG, but after watching sledgehammer, big time, and steam...come ON, Pete.  *headshake*)

Owner of a Lonely Heart.  trippy

My jury is out on Take On Me  surreal

Land of Confusion?  not sure.  but puppets!

Money for Nothing  early animation

We're Not Gonna Take It  long storyline

Jump  concert

Oh Sherrie  video of video making

Hold Me Now  band on set

herby hancock rockit... and then I'm just trapped in 80s land and must get out!!!!

lou reed love is trust no money down.  pretty trippy twist

what is love  artist in city


but you maybe see where I'm going with the evolution of music videos.  Maybe?
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