alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Okay... World Cup

What the hell...

I've been trying to watch the World Cup matches.  Difficult since I'll be watching on my break, go back to work and by the time my next break rolls around there's another match on.  "Anyone know who won?"  No.
It is kinda funny that the half of the cafeteria that normally /never/ has their TV on sports - they are glued to the set.  The half that normally will watch /any/ sport (little league baseball guys?  Really desperate?) they are watching the news instead.  The foreign language speakers half vs the Americans.  Well, I find it funny.
I have also surprised many in the former category by not just watching the matches but cheering the plays.  I get these sidelong skeptical looks, "Don't tell me, you're hoping the USA wins the Cup."
and I'm all "Argentina for the win!"
Surprised, "Are you from there?"
"No, I think they are a good team.  They are playing well."  :)
"You're not cheering for the European teams?"
"No, I'm pretty sure it will be a South American team.  Chile and Brazil have also been doing well."
I get such looks.  Heh.

I used to play soccer.  I understand soccer.  These teams are awesome and the matches have been fun to watch.  Dear Americans, get with the program.  Wait, actually, no.  Americans you can LIKE soccer, but do not get weirdo like most of the rest of the world.  K?  Ta.  Cuz I don't want to have to cheer for the people who look like me.  I want to cheer for good teams.   Or...pretty colors.  Hee!


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