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books and shedding

I am not what you might call a voracious book reader, but I do read fairly often.  Fits and starts.  Currently a Sherlock Holmes knockoff called The House of Silk.  I'm rather impressed by it as it does not whinge on or constantly refer to the history and the plot is quite involving.
My mother is a voracious reader.  She's got stacks of books coming from and to the library.  The bookcases in the house go right up to the ceiling and cover an entire wall in one room.  I've friends who devour books and can be relied upon to carry not one but two new books nearly every day, the second as a back-up in case they should finish the first.  Heaven help the world if they should be without reading material for...hours?
Thing is, if you ask these friends or even my mother "That book you were reading last week?  Can you tell me more about it?"  They can't.  Even if you prod them with the information they gave you last week the answer is a dismissive handwave and "I've already read that."  "How did it end?"  "I don't remember.  I'm reading something else now."
Well, see, I /can/ recall.  I do not read at their pace but I retain far more information for far longer.  Perhaps that is why my pace is slower?
Are you a book eater?  Do you retain the info?  Or are you a love them and lose them kinda reader?

In other strange ponderings news, I am a shedder.  I leave the house all dressed up and arrive at someone else's house and start shedding.  Off come the shoes.  The jacket.  Whatever trinkets I've brought for show and tell.  The ring.  The watch.  Whatever I can get away with.  I don't know why I do this other than my skin feels downright oppressed.  Then I have to run around collecting all my drek before I go home again.  It's weird.
Are you a shedder?  Do you put on jewelry in the first place?  Do you like to leave your shoes on?

Technology.  I am not the Ludite I may appear to be.  Given the access to technology (like THIS computer that LJ will talk to) I leap upon it and will stay there for hours.  So I suppose I do like technology - I'm simply cheap. 

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