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Boston boston boston

Hey folks. Just got to a computer that LJ deems worthy (of their cult?)

Anyway, I was up most of the night watching the news coverage on this shoot out and chase and manhunt around the Boston area. Weird stuff, right?
Seems like it is going to sound familiar.  "I know those guys.  I'd never have guessed!  They never gave any signs..."  You know what I mean?

Whatever.  What is really bothering me is the stuff surrounding it- People talking about agendas and "that group will only use this to forward their agenda" and, well, groups using it to forward their agenda.

I've already heard it being used to advocate against gun control and for gun control.
Have to say the anti-gun control people do seem to default to extremes.  "They'll ban all guns!  They'll ban all ammo!  We'll have nothing and the government will kill us all!"  Sound extreme?  I've heard this within the last hour.  So...yeah.

[I say the gun problem is people reaching for guns in the first place.  But I don't know how to convince people that you don't have to have a doctor declare you mental to... what do they call it?  Temporary insanity?  Do NOT reach for the gun.  That's the problem.  Stop that bit and we'll be a hella better.  "That would never happen to me!" is not a saving anyone.]

I've just heard it being used to slam immigration.  "We don't know their immigration status and therefore..."  all foreigners are evil and trying to kill us!  Um...what?  And unlike most news sources this one names the dink who said it right up front.  I support the call- em-out-when-you-see-em news style.

In short... *SIGH*

and my good thoughts out to those who need em.  :/

I was hoping to be in the Boston area today.  Not going to happen now.
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