alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Signs of Spring

LJ remains in the swamp of suckiness. Freezes up to 'save draft' before I get the second letter typed. Stupid stupid stupid. Frozen again. Who writes this programming crap?
Bet I won't be featured on the front page again, eh? Ha!

Do you like my Easter hat?

Last year's sign of Spring was a ringnecked snake appearing in the basement. This year during a 3 hour car ride I noticed: groups of robins (did you know British robins look different?), crocus, daffodils, snowdrops, the tinge of red from buds on trees, grass shoots, massive flocks of birds, ducks in the lakes, and...a parking lot carnival. Yep. That time of year.
And the start of allergy season! Since my allergies kicked in last week and zero was blooming or budding or anything I have concluded that I am allergic to THAW. Dagnabbit.

In other news, You say you want a Revolution? Well, you know... bwahahahaha. -.O

Which reminds me, just saw some of the Rolling Stones Rock n Roll Circus. (Yay PBS) Yes, everyone says The Who blew them out of the water, but I don't get that. Mic isn't flailing is the only real difference. Everyone looks frighteningly YOUNG too. OMG I can totally see why Yoko was shredded by fans. It isn't that her screeching is off key = it's just bloody annoying!

While I'm here, YouTube is also bloody annoying. When I first go to the front page it offers some suggestions of popular videos with the inevitable addition of whatever I last searched for weeks ago. Then after I do one search the front page becomes littered with results for that search. It only gets worse and more spammy the more you search. And I'm like, I finished that search! Done! And you're offering me results that I already rejected because I did not click on them the first time! What The Hell? Who thought this was a 'great idea'? Because right now I highly suspect it was your idiot 'beta users' who don't know where the Favorites button is on their own computer. "Save my results for me!" Sheeeeeesh.

I'm not grouchy. I swear. Well, mostly.

Thank you for pointing me at Simon's Cat videos!
Tags: lj sucks, music, rant, tv, weather

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