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911 in the News

K, while I am appauled that a 'nurse' would stand next to someone in obvious need of medical care and do nothing... I'm going to leave the moral and ethical implications of that to the woman to spend the rest of her life working out. I have some sympathy for someone in fear of their job in this tough economic time //if that was the reason//. If it was not her reason then... hey, welcome to Hellfire! I mean, where is the humanity there? "Just following orders" is not an excuse and we should have all LEARNED that the trial (she say knowing she is invoking the Fail Arguement law. *sigh*)

What I'm more concerned with and what I think we should all be discussing is that ANY workplace could have as a policy "DO NOT PERFORM CPR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES".


This is your /policy/? Seriously? Seriously you're going to force your employees to chose between their having a job and showing some HUMANITY?
Is this where we are as a nation? Is this NORMAL?

k, there it is.

In other news, Gun Control. It isn't the video games. It isn't "we need to ban ALL guns because ALL guns can be/are used in crimes." No, focus people. What we're talking about, what we are trying to solve is the mass murder thing. Not serial. I'm going to back limiting magazine size, but my jury is still on the rest.
And I'm FED UP with the phrase "law abiding citizens". Sure, if there is not a law against it - you're law abiding, ain't ya? If there's no law that you can't buy a gun for someone else (thereby fully skirting the background check laws) then you're law abiding, aintcha? So stiffle that noise.
Let's talk about what we can do. We can't promise anyone they'll be safe. "Safety is an illusion." Even if you do your college online - there's still no promise you'll be safe!
blah blah blah
OMG did I or did I not predict that I was going to be smacked in the face with Sandy Hook EVERY DAMN DAY. Yes. And Yes. Every Damn Frickin Day. Local Media needs to stop this. This is why the cops don't want to release all the info. We DON'T NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. Seriously. Let it go and stop being vultures on the living.

And...there's shinnanigans going on at work. Which I'm not putting on the front page, ta.
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