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The Haul

From Others
Once In A Blue Moon concert DVD
Caterpillar Wish DVD
A box of chocolates (with mon cherries & ferrero things)
A digital alarm clock with 2 alarms and battery back-up
A tin Santa ornament
A ceramic box of animal crackers ornament
Baggie of Christmas cookies
A travel kit from an airplane
A manicure set
Shampoo (never heard of it)
A cardigan sweater, blue with a rather busy pattern
2 pairs of pants in the wrong size and wrong material
3 lightly read paperback books
Four To Score by Janet Evanovich
Death Du Jour by Kathy Reichs
The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory

I think the ornaments and the DVDs are nice. The alarm will be useful.

From ME
Billy Idol CD
David Bowie CD
Huey Lewis CD (Yes. What are you looking at?)
Bag of Lindt truffles
The Sandman hardcover book
DangerMouse complete season 1&2 DVD
Hustle season 1 DVD
Spirited Away DVD
Box of Christmas cookies
Flower pattern bowl (to hold cookies)
Pink sparkly nail polish
2 pink lip glosses
Terry's chocolate orange *whack*
3 'sugar cookie' ornaments
2 ceramic Santa bells
1 large cloisonne ornament
Snowman pin
A spinney, glittery, light-up thing that needs batteries.

I like the bowl, the ornaments and I'm glad to have the DVDs but I wonder if I'll ever watch them.

And to make special mention...
I got an ornament made for Me! It's black and it's a cape and it says *capeflap*! Wheeeeeeee! :> Which is just the coolest thing EVAH. So big hugs to AgentCompassion for that. I am The Special. Yes.
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