alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Music. squee

This is what happens on long car drives with itchy radio button fingers. I don't know most of the proper names. I'll have to look them up later.

Just A Little, by Liberty X (phrawr!)

I Can't Decide, Scissor Sisters (I posted about it before. It really suits The Master.)

AND the swing, big band Blues sounds of...

Shaking, by Colin James and his Big Band (omg love the brass)

Sunny Afternoon, covered by Casey McGill (Normally I hate Beatles covers)'s+Blue+4+Trio/_/Sunny+Afternoon

Bradshaw Boogie, not sure who did this yet

If you like that swing here are some bands to check out:
Eight to the Bar (excellent with multiple vocalists)
Johnny and the Eastcoast Rockers
Roomfull of Blues
Big May Belle
Tags: links, lyrics

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