alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I'm hiding

From a lot of stuff right now. cut for WHiiiiiNG
Mother's being clingy. I don't have the energy to fight traffic for 3 hours and then have passive aggro fights, no sleep cuz she gets up 6 hours before I do, more fights and then drive home. Every weekend. Plus phone calls. gah.

And she's close to talking about 'feelings' which on the 1 hand I //want// to talk about. Does she miss Dad? But on the other, we do not have that kind of relationship. It makes me uncomfortable n angry that she'd try this now. Now? Now you wanna get touchy-feely? Cuz -you- need it?

I'm hiding from work which is burning me OUT and I neeeeed a vacation. A real vacation. I gotta put up with bad attitude, or good, for 8 hours and make less than $10 in tips? wtf!

Hiding from coworkers and their constant whining and demanding I /do/ something. I have been. I /do/ stuff every damn day. Go bitch in someone else's ear. Oh they don't do anything? Then why did you vote for them? I keep saying until I'm hourse that I can't get results on my own. I'm a representative, not an army. If I don't have you backing me up...
I don't mind being the speaker but when I say "Isn't that right, guys?" I need some grunts from back there. duh.
"Howard Johnson is right!" ;)

Speaking of, I'm hiding from my 'duties' this week because I can't f-ing AFFORD to keep calling out of paying work to do what is volunteer work. I need my MONEY. I need my HOURS. I need my job and benefits. I'm an old lady who can't do 4 hours of volunteer work and then work 8 my hours. I'll screw up n get fired. 5 of 8 of us get paid for the volunteer time. I'm one of the SOL unpaid. The 5 have the votes and don't see a problem. This is why 1 of the 3 dropped out entirely. FU, I'm not coming in this month.

I'm hiding from dates. I mean I'm /trying/ to date ATM. We went out once. And he's being vurrry patient but...guh. Such work. Such complication. It will end in disaster. Psychologically I'm not made for relationships. bleeeack.

I'm hiding from men whom I'm not dating as well. I really don't want to date!

Anything else? Oh I placed a big order with my perfume shop and it has been ignored. Which ticks me off, but is prob for the best cuz I shouldn't spend the money. I just thought it might help.

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