alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

The Machine as stage

since you didn't look up the images (and the opera is on here) I checked some out for you. links under the cut
the machine in the raw’sproductionof“Siegfried.”RonBerardMetropolitanOpera.jpg

Here we see the lovers in a forest. The 3D effect doesn't translate into a flat image here, probably due to camera motion, but the red dots are leaves that blow around on the forest floor around them both.

Okay, here's a much better idea of the 3D effect. The little waterfalls stage right do appear real when a character 'drinks' from them.

I mentioned the flying, yes? :)

And now just some images to give further idea of the different staging

big image's“Götterdämmerung”withDeborahVoigtasBrünnhildeandJayHunterMorrisasSiegfried..jpg

I should prob get a tag for theater squeeing

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