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THEATRE! the machine

My post vanished. Days age. Damnit. Re-post!

I hate PBS. I hate that they /promise/ that if you would only give them money they will keep showing this program. And then they cancel it.
I hate PBS for having broadcast problems and not giving a crap.
I love PBS for showing (ONCE) programs that speak to me and I'd never see otherwise. :/

The year, 2010. The place, Metropolitan Opera, NYC. The opera(s), Wagner's Ring saga. Why anyone should care...
The Stage! Was created by the same company that did those giant puppets I was wild about, Ex Machine? They created a moving stage and it is called The Machine. Or the Valhalla Machine. Look it up!
You should see what it does. I mean all things being equal it doesn't do all /that/ much, yet with it and some rrrrreally cool lighting it becomes the stage AND the sets for 3 operas. 4 nights, 16 hours of opera. Vast Wagner opera. cool yet?

Picture if you will, long thin stage planks. 111111
Familiar? You wish. These move. 3 sets. One across the front of the stage. The end at the very front remains down but the other end can move up. Individually. So it can move like piano keys or roll like an ocean wave.
The second and third sets of planks are just behind but are hinged together where they meet. The 3 together,from the side of the stage, would look like this - --
or this - ^
or - / or - \ or - < (you get the idea)

Can be flat with the first set or angled or folded or go strait up to form a TALL background or...come completely off the ground and FLY.
And since each plank moves independently you can stand some up or fold them or fly them and create the SETS. Add a little lighting and you've got a blockade of fire or a castle or a rainbow bridge or whatever. If you use 3D projections onto them...WOW!

Last thing - the (poor, suffering) actors walk, crawl, climb, leap and fly on, across, over and below the stage pieces...while in motion.

I mean the effect is a bit overly 'modern' for my tastes but the concept is vurrrrry exciting.
You thought lighting ques were complicated? Ha! And the more computers you add the more can go wrong. In a live show. With actors trying to stand on the pieces. It's a 90,000 pound machine. See? exciting!

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