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Sleep. Or lack thereof

I think I'm allergic to daylight. Okay, not allergic, but it makes me very sleepy in the way that darkness appears to make others sleepy. Darkness makes me go 'vroom'!

The night is cool and quiet and empty. I like moving around at night.

The day is noisy, crowded, annoying and full of appointments in noisy, crowded, annoying places.

Sunlight makes me sleeeeeeeeeeepy. Don't touch me, sun! I can drink 2 liters of Mountain Dew and still crash like a broken window during the middle of the day. And no, that is not a sugar crash. If I drink it and stay away from the sun I will be vibrating inside my skin.

So naturally, my sleep schedule is all FUBAR. Maybe I'm nocturnal.

Maybe I simply don't like sleeping at night. Maybe. Maybe night sleep isn't good. I do sometimes leave the light on. bump.

Maybe I should be asleep RIGHT NOW. (I've had non-diet Sprite. Does the sugar show? Does it? Does it?)

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