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So...I was talking to a Republican today. At least, I think he was one. And pretty strong opinions there. Now, I know better, some of the time, than to try to talk anyone out of a strong opinion. It isn't going to work. However, I'm also curious so I want to know what the stuff is behind the opinions. Where'd this come from?
Well, there was some talk that was surprising. There's always stuff that makes me want to go look it up and check on it - cuz I want to know The Truth. In so far as it can be known.
But here's the thing - he's scared. I mean, he's seriously scared to pieces. Scared to lose his job, scared to be out on the streets, scared he'll be attacked, scared of a lot of stuff.
Maybe we all are. Maybe we should be.
I mean, I know I'm scared. This is common ground. Eeek! I suppose we differ on how to FIX things so we all don't have to be as scared. We differ on what we think is what we should be most scared of. But basically, it is common ground.
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