alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

trolls are still out there.

retro! I would wear this stff if I looked like the pictures
I like costumes, what can I say?

I also like The for story tellers.

In other news: okay, kids are more computer savvy and don't care what personal info they put on the web... yet I really think someone should make them aware of the dangers of TROLLS. (Among other things) We need classes in how to identify varieties of troll and what to do when one meets one. (never feed one.)
Because elseweb I deeply suspect a whole bunch of my friends have been suckered by a Munchhausen Troll.
When I first noticed this Troll it was being an Arsehole Troll and fishing. It posted offensive things while at the same time claiming it was the one being attacked. (That last part is important.) Naturally my kind-hearted, sensitive-soul friends rushed to soothe the savage beast and appologize profusely for any misunderstanding on his part and fell all over themselves to take the blame for the conflict. Hrumph. I stayed out of it cuz...he's an Arsehole Troll.
I've just discovered he then started private conversations with the ones who showed the most groveling compassion. AKA the Marks. Munchhausen because he apparently has been telling them he has a fatal illness with less than months to live etc etc. Woe. Munchhausen because he has made a most remarkable recovery. A miracle! But oh what a long recovery ahead and he'll need all this support, blah blah blah.
Geez, ever seen the Suicide Trolls? The ones who claim desperate depression, string people along sucking the life out of them, and then somehow get it posted that they died? Only they haven't? Similiar troll. Living off the angst they can pull out of others. Twin Peaks anyone?
Course I can't /tell/ my friends this is a Troll because they won't listen. It's all very co-dependence. He'll continue to play wounded-bird and I'll be cast as Elmer Fudd with a gun. (mix metaphor is GO!)
(omg I suppose it is now termed metaphor mash-up?)
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