alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

What's On Your Computer?

Let's play... What's On Top Of YOUR Computer?

First, it is the same stuff that was there like +5 years ago. Only with newer dust.
Second, I have an -old- computer. It lays sideways. The monitor, and a bunch of crap including half the keyboard, easily fit on top.

On the monitor:
picture frame with a fan photo I took years ago
dangly earring cuff, purple with gold stars
2 kinder toys
tiny china animal of puss n boots
tiny stingray beanbag toy
wooden cat, painted very...he's purple with teal flowrs
state quarter

On the computer:
a keychain
picture cd of...something
loose spangles from jeans
40c spare change
really tiny nickle, 1/10th size
2 candle tarts
tiny china brown zebra
tiny snowglobe with real gold flakes
pencil cup with...pencils n junk
empty mini (handgrenade of anteoch) chambord
original, unopened 20 oz bottle of vanilla coke, circe OMG! (It's quite a sight.)
half the keyboard
Tags: meme

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