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The Avengers

In the doctor's office:
"Have you an appointment?"
"Then I can't possible see you. I never see anyone without an appointment."
"Can I make one?"
"Why certainly!"
"How about today?" Glances at watch for the time. "At 2:45?" (now)
"Oh that suits me fine. Take a seat."

It's the way Steed just rolls with the weird that tickles me.

(And surprise DoctorWho THREE! Episode: From Venus With Love)

It is an eye doctor and he gives Steed (STEED) an eye test, asking him to identify hats lined up on the wall like a chart. Steed's expression is priceless. LOL!

I'm also going to point out this out - in the middle of sharing information over the telephone, there is an explosion in the room behind Mrs.Peel. She drops the phone and runs off to investigate. Steed is left on the line, "Mrs.Peel? Mrs.Peel!" She does not return to the phone. But does our intrepid hero rush over to save her? He does NOT. Instead he goes to follows up a lead elsewhere. When she calls him from the car much later, he is pleased to hear from her again, but not surprised.

Now how many other shows have partnerships like that? They split up and trust the other will get through whatever dire situation arises. Really, they only rescue each other if they happen across the scene. I like that. It's so cute and weird.
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