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Lovely spikesgirl, who has oodles of interesting questions, was asking about dancing.
Do you dance?

My job is tedious, I'm on my feet all day, and muzac is blaring. I dance. A LOT. One of my nickanmes is "Wiggles". Dancing is the only thing that saves my back. It also entertains me.
Here's the thing...
I work in a /highly/ public area, which means a couple thousand people can see me hip wiggling every day. I have to try not to move my torso. (I'm not shaking my boobs at the world, thank you very much.)
Did I mention I //suck// at dancing? Cuz I do. Really, no one ever stops and watches me. They turn their heads and walk faster. I can not be bothered with how it looks to other people. I dance when I feelz the groove. I dance like no one is watching, or nearly so.

On the other paw, if someone ASKS me to dance? - I'm hideously selfconscious and overly aware of just how badly I suck at dancing.

I wonder why this is...

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