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NBC Olympic fail

Copied into my journal to stop cluttering yours!:
I echo that the american coverage SUCKED. I couldn't figure out what was /supposed/ to be going on in the opening ceremonies. I saw a split second of pearlies, a split second of Sgt Peppers and a split second of Cruella DeVil. No idea what happened to any of them. Lots of top hats and dancing nurses. Why? Was that supposed to be Les Mis in there? They did linger on Voldemort because they figured Americans might recognize him.
The camera angles were horrible. The commercial breaks were non-stop. They kept cutting to the same two groups of young GIRL athletes who didn't pay attention to anything around them other than the cameras and I don't even know where they were from. AND the commentators kept talking over /everything/ while I'm sitting there yelling at the screen "They're SPEAKING ENGLISH! You don't have to TRANSLATE." But come to find they weren't translating - they were just yammering nonsense.
*le sigh*
Like saying over and over that Beckham carried the torch - when he clearly did not.
I seriously could not make hide nor hair out of the thing and it was purely due to NBC being crap. It was either strait down from a blimp or close up on someone's face. No context.
I did find the musical selection...odd.

Today's broadcast was the road race, which I suppose was for the scenery. (Pre-empted on work TV by the ballgame.) Also the swimming because our Entertainment tv has been going on about the 'rivalry' between 2 guy swimmers and endless gossip about their love lives. Oh and we get beach volleyball, as always. purely because of the T & A.

We're due to have hours of coverage of events NBC thinks the Americans stand a chance of trouncing in. Maybe a quick highlight if we win a gold in some other event they weren't focused on.

St. is correct. This is not about the olympics to NBC. It's about how many ads they can sell. *le sigh*

Bit of a rant. Sorry.
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