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political question

Okay, there's this term I keep hearing over and over. Everyone is using it, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

"Small Businesses"

wtf ARE they?
10 employees? 200? 20,000?
How much do they make? Less than a million? Less than $100 M?

Who are these "job creators"?

I can recognize a "big business" but these? Unknown and undefined.

In similiar news, I just screamed at my tv cuz there was a republican senator saying that "we" need to fix the economy and debt by increasing tax CUTS for rich and big business so they'll create more jobs and then "we" can get more money by taxing the people going back to work.
It gets better. He said that if the bush tax cuts to the rich are not extended it will be a tax burden on people struggling to "put food on the table".
*blink blink*

"Does anybody see what I see?" ~ 1776
Tags: political

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