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going to hell? bring a snack

The movie shooting makes less sense than most. So far. It might stay a mystery.

MEANWHILE, back at the ranch...

stolen Meme from spikesgirl58! Who stole it from silk_noir (to preserve the line of evidence.) From a flyer handed out at a comic con(?) by a terribly helpful group of We Knows Bestest Ya-huh. A list of things what will turn ya EVAL. Are you in? Yes. Come read it anyway and see how fast you're going down.
Bold the ones that apply. Unless they all apply in which case look what lovely craftsmanship in this basket...

1. Eastern Religions - I try to be Zen. and phail.
2. Yoga - I don't bend like Beckam
3. Freemasonry - I is a girl. Can't.
4. Illuminati groups - <.< >.>
5. New Age religions - Old religions. Who came up with that name?
6. Church of Satan - What it says on the tin, so no.
7. Scientology - Hellz No.
8. Rosicrucianism – and Gilderstern are dead?
9. Astrology - This I swear by the staaaaaaaaaaaaars!
10. Tarot cards - No. Runes, yes.
11. Ouija boards – Abso-freakin-NOT.
12. Remote viewing - I see what you did there.
13. Palmistry - Always have something to read (but my lines are fubar)
14. Voodoo - you remind me of the babe
15. Earth worship – I like diamonds, but wouldn't call it worship. maybe.
16. Wicca – okay long story there...
17. Cyberpunk - is evil??
18. Divination - that's fudge, right? then yes and it is evil.
19. Meditation - Ooooom G boring.
20. Vegetarianism - is evil? Isn't the lack of bacon punishment enough?
21. Lycanthropy - there go my weekend plans.
22. Postmodernism – wtf? Evil? Maybe not my tastes, but evil?
23. Backmasking - ?ylsuoires ?wonk uoy dluow woh
24. Astral-projection - Sounds like fun, but what if you get locked out?
25. Necromancy - zombies are kinda evil, but it isn't their fault, is it?
26. Re-birthing - do not put the kid back in. Got it.
27. Kabbalah - this list is pretty specific about general religions
28. LOTR - Yeah how many hours is it? And more to come! *phear*
29. Fire walking - they don't want you to have an advantage when we're all forced to take long walks on Hell beach with emo partners. FOREVER.
30. Levitation - AW COME ON. Take all the fun away...
31. Alt "comix" - are mine. mine mine mine.
32. Vampirism – there go your weekend plans.
33. Trilateralism - not sure what this is so it must be pure evil.
34. Marijuana - it's natural. from the earth. like tomatoes...
35. LSD/shrooms - are evil on pizza. got it.
36. Video games - Okay you're going to have to be way more specific.
37. Harry Potter - I must agree. Naked Daniel will send me to hell.
38. Dungeons & Dragons – has maps to hell and back. Bring vorpal weapons.
39. Halloween - YES. fun is evil. got it.
40. Fornication - vaguely recall this. Possibly evil if done right.
41. Skull & Bones - What like the club? Only ex-Presidents go there.
42. Rock music - Yes. Roxy Music, yes. Angel choirs, no.
43. Heavy metal - Punk, techno, trance, disco and country are Okay? Liar!
44. Burning Man - is evil. so says his restraining order.
45. Twilight films - AGREED
46. Raves & XTC -
47. Goth Culture - I'm too blond. Sad, isn't it?
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