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Longcoat, not-terribly-badarse. Mine.

[Music: I dunno, but I like the beat. Lyrics are something about wanting to take someone else's holiday and someone else's sugar always tastes sweeter. It's that in-my-hand theory again, isn't it? ;) ]

Did I mention? A week or two ago, I was in a thrift store with my mother. She found many things, I found zip. Until I spied a long, brown, battered-with-wear, leather trench coat in the racks. Vintage. (Read: Bloody /screaming/ "70s!")

It fit.

Did I mention that I'm currently obsessed with a 70s TV show? I is. Coat was priced $20. Twenty. A Jackson.

As I brought it to the register my Town & Country mother tried to discourage my purchase every way to Sunday. "You can't wear that, it's falling apart! See the loose stitching here? And the worn bits?" "Makes you look like a loaf of bread." "I will pay you $20 to NOT buy that thing." "I will buy you a brand new leather coat instead." As I placed it on the counter my mother left the building in disgust, unable to watch. I kid you not.

I owns a battered leather trench coat. Spent $20.

It's long and sort of sweepy and bloody SCREAMS "70s".

Mother hates it.

*grin* Pleased as Mister Punch? Am. Mother has commented before on how I buy costumes, not clothing. Dead to rights.

Now I just have to figure out how to get it to stop squeaking like an old sailing ship! Neats Foot Oil good for that? And I don't quite like the way the lapel curls.

(And before any of you suggest I should have gone for the new leather coat -
1) She'd never spend the money. 2) //IF// she did it would be a coat of her choosing. *shudder*)

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