alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

theater, theater, theatre again

Sometimes, when I watch a performance, a truly living, thoroughly entertaining, intimately absorbing stage performance... OMG.
It's /flight/.

Elaine Stritch. One Woman. Show.

Woman, where have you been? The way she pauses. Her inflection. Timing. Unexpected syncopation. She delivers emotional impact that hits between the eyes like a sledgehammer, whether it is humor or pathos. Truth that is boiled and pared down to be served up with such ease.

*gush* Yeah, I know. But you know me and theatre, yes? By now, yes. Intimately absorbing.
I'll drink to that.

Heh, I can't say she's got a sweet voice. Bit Ethel-esque only um...more whiskey. ;) But like Mandy Patinkin, whose singing voice I can not STAND - it is the performance that is The Shiny.

I had a very short, SHORT stage life in school. By the time I hit the age for student summer stock - I was discouraged in no uncertain terms from being ON stage because "That's your brother's thing". But I could help backstage because that was 'supporting him'. Which is probably all for the good as it was about the age my anxiety attacks began. Still, it's the What Ifs, isn't it?
On the flip side I am currently happily single and paying my own bills and far away from my family. What is left of my family. Heh.

I'm not sure why I tag my entries. I don't think I ever go back and read them again...
Tags: folks, mood, theatre

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