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Old amusement park rides were AWESOME. We're missing out.

It has been asked elseLJ whether being involved in a fandom helps you enjoy what you are fanning more. Does it enrich the experience or can you do without? (Not in so many word, but the jist.)
If I'm getting into a show I find I tend to seek out others with whom to chew over the finer plot points, the grander themes and the cuteness of the characters. Nowadays this starts on the web, because it is immediately available, but I still crave water-cooler talk. Problem is that hardly anyone watches the same shows thanks to cable, TIVO and netflix. *sigh*
I also seem to hook onto shows that are long gone and/or have small fandoms.
Anyone watching Sherlock? No, didn't think so. Hustle? Ashes to Ashes?

I prefer fandoms. Being a single fan is kinda... yeah.

I mean if you like a band and no one else has ever heard of them or is willing to listen to them...ya know? Ya get it yet?
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