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Got a cold

Did I mention this has been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng Spring? We lost the magnolias and a lot of the cherry blossoms. The dogwoods are still going strong. Pansies are poppin. Lilacs were disappointingly short. Iris are going to town.
With our weather, mosquitoes are expected to be BAD and the tics are already at infestation levels. My friends with pets say they are using drops /and/ a collar and still finding tics on a daily basis. The vets are suggesting administering Frontline and Advantage drops at the same time.
We have Lyme disease. It's probably going to rampage through our population. And all the other diseases tics carry plus the west nile virus from the mosquitoes.

Gas price: $3.95 WTF PEOPLE!

In other news, I'm sick. Very bad cold. I signed myself out of work after 15 minutes. I'm eating my sickie-poo cure dinner of eggdrop soup and dumplings.
My coworkers will understand and perhaps recall my complaining about table 14 in the tower. Every time I am there - I get sick. The air vent goes right down my neck. I called to register a health complaint and was told "Colds come from /viruses/! Not because you're cold!" *bristle*
And then I was told I need to handle this myself and talk to whatever supervisor is on that day and they will have the air 'adjusted'. It worked in pit 2.
Did I not say "EVERY TIME"?
Yes, I talked to my supervisor. My CUSTOMERS talked to my supervisors. They left because it was /too f-ing cold/.
EVERY TIME means this has happened before.
Btw, the other table was never 'fixed'. They simply don't use it very often so the complaints are fewer.
And come to think of it the f-ing blow-off has happened every time too.
F U bitches. And you want MY help? F. U.

Hmm. I would say my time today sitting in the sun trying to bake the cold out of my head did not improve my zen-like nature.

I don't think I will be healthy enough to give blood next week. Again. *sigh*

(Yes, I work in The Tower and in Pits. OF DISPAIR!)
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