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bookstore. again.

Damnit! I need to not spend money...on stupid things. Books are not stupid things, right? Books R Smartner! Plus I just finished 3 Days of the Condor, by James Grady. In less than 3 days. Need books!

The Saint At Large, by Leslie Charteris
Follow The Saint, by Leslie Charteris
The Saint of movie, TV and radio fame started as a book.

Prince of Darkness, by Sharon Kay Penman
A medieval mystery. Good writing.

The Monkees (!!) Who's Got The Button, by William Johnston
Yes, //those// The Monkees. I has a happy.

Joyce of The Secret Squadron (A Captain Midnight Adventure)
A freaking Captain MIDNIGHT adventure! Has happy.

Nine Lives, The Folklore Of Cats, by Katharine M Briggs
What it says on the tin

Flaxie Frizzle Stories, by Sophie May. 1877
It was the vintage that attracted me. a browse indicates this was a poor choice. Oh well.

Wolf Story, by William McCleery
I shall enjoy reading this aloud to my friend...and her 5 year old. ;)

Norma Kent of the WACS (Fighters For Freedom Series)
WWII. I left the one about the WAVES behind. For now.

Petronella, by Jay Williams
Turns out tis a feminist fairytale. Lovely illustrations.
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