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yard art

Last fall I gave in to peer pressure from everyone who puts plants on their front porch. I bought an iron planter and whip-tied it to the porch. Dropped in pansies. The flowers. Ta da.

I have now joined the ranks of the Yard Art People. I have lashed one of those spinny flower things to the empty planter. I should mention that it is warped and doesn't spin well. It was a buck. Can't complain.
I have yard art. Ooooooo. Never thought that would happen. I have crossed a line which makes it far more difficult to scorn my neighbors with their plaster fountains going 24/7. Okay, it isn't the fountain, although that is slightly annoying, it is the MULTIPLE windchimes and little rock circles around plaster dogs and cherubs and little farm boys with straw hats and giant lounging frogs and birdhouses and and and...
Seriously, if you have yard art - Beware! It grows into a massive disfunctional circus family overnight. I'm watching my spinny rainbow thing verrrrrry carefully.

I really should go back to just the door decoration before it is too late.

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