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Want To Play A Game...?

Points for movie quotes? No.

Old records. Who collects them? Who is the big music fan? Anyone care?
Any gems in here?
Artist, Album Title, Record company

1)Ray Connif Singers, "Somebody Loves Me" Columbia
2)Del Wood, "Buggies, Bustles and Barrelhouses" RCA Victor
3)Peggy Lee, "Bewitching - Lee!" Capital
4)"Doo Wacka Doo, The Happy Wacky Sounds of The Doowackadoodlers" RCA
5)Edward R Murrow, "I Can Hear It Now" 1933-1945 Columbia
6)Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, "S.R.O." AM
7)Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, "The Beat of the Brass" AM
8)Engelbert Humperdinck, "We Made It Happen" London
9)Engelbert Humperdinck, "Sweetheart" London
10)Jimmy Joyce, "You Don't Have To Be Irish" MCA
11)Al Hirt, "Cotton Candy" RCA
12)Chubby Checker, "Your Twist Party" Parkway
13)Nat King Cole, "Just One of Those Things" Capital
14)Nat King Cole, "Love is the Thing"
15)Nat King Cole, "This is Nat King Cole"
16)Nat King Cole, "The Very Thought of You"
17)Nat King Cole, "The Touch of Your Lips" Capital
18)Nat King Cole, "Unforgetable" Capital
19)Joe 'Fingers' Carr, "Goes Continental" Capital
20)Freddy Martin, "Seems Like Old Times" Capital
21)Ben Light and His Lightening Fingers, "Music for Tap Dancing" RCA
22)New Vaudeville Band, "Westchester Cathedral" Fantana
23)Sophie Tucker, "Her Latest and Greatest Spicy Songs" Mercury
24)Robert Goulet, "Always You" Columbia
25)Mills Brothers, "Fortuosity" Dot
26)Elvis, "Now" RCA
27)Tony Bennett, "Tony's Greatest Hits, Vol III" Columbia
28)Longines Symphonette Recording Society, "Se3ntimental Journey" collection
29)Jan August, "Piano Roll Blues" Mercury
30)The Inkspots Audition
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