alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

btw "vacation"

yes, R, that was me becrying the quotes around my "vacation". I was not at work.
But 10 days strait 24 hours a day with my mother is no VACATION.
8 days in sunny Florida, beautiful warm weather and I have one picture of a sunset over the parking lot next to Lowes.
We ate out. At Panera and McDonalds.
We made it to the beach, once, with her friends where we spent a calm 15-20 minutes.
We were in bed by 9-10pm. Both of us because she can't sleep if there is any noise or light...ANYWHERE.
All the rest of the time was spent sitting around the one bedroom apartment and cleaning it of clutter.


First, I have never seen cockroaches THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS BIG before. I've been pretty okay with that fact. American cockroaches. Palmento bugs. Bigger than this picture.

When we opened the door there were dead roaches all over the floors in /every/ room. At least they were dead. Mom got out a broom and started sweeping, only instead of sweeping up the dry bug bodies she proceeded to crush them with the bristles of the moving broom into dry bug pieces and the pieces into bits and the bits she was brushing deeper into the carpet with every pass.
"Mom STOP you are making it worse!"
"What? I'm just trying to help."

She did not see any need to wash the dishes stacked in the cabinets.
"Mom, you need to clean that. There are bugs all over this place. Bugs carry germs."
*waves plate in air at me* "See? No bugs on it!"

She really didn't see the need to wash anything.

What she did see the need for was to start chucking out anything that she didn't like. This was my GreatAunt's apartment. She's passed on and my mother is now the owner. Which means she has been throwing out anything and EVERYthing, regardless of condition or cost. Well, except the jewelry. Cuz that's money she can understand. It drives me CRAZY. She threw out 3 photo albums before I could turn around.
"Well, they aren't MY fmaily. Who's going to want to look at them?"
Um...maybe your children and your grandchildren?

Gah. Just...Gah.

I spent 10 days with this woman. 10 strait days and 10 nights. The only respite was when she would go down the hall to dump more stuff into the trash bins.

And I did not give in to the urge to smack her one. Aren't you GOD DAMN PROUD OF ME??

We ate out at Paneras and McDonalds. We went to the store to buy food and thank GOD I thought to pick up a box of cereal because she didn't want to go food shopping again and we ate, I kid you not, 1 roasted chicken, 1 bag of chips and a box of cereal - for 3 days. THREE DAYS.


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