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I've noticed that since I deleted all of thegooglr cookies - google search isn't working as well. Like when I put in a phrase "inside of quotes" to indicate that I want it to look for that /phrase/, instead I get back results that happen to mention one or two of the words inside the quotes. And the + sign is completely ignored. Weird.

They know I'm onto them. I'm onto them being onto me being onto them. We're pretty darn knowledgeable and paranoid.

tv guide is doing a countdown of the 100 Shows To See Before You Die. Naturally there are many of their choices I disagree with. Yes to Buffy, The Muppet Show, MacGyver, Carol Burnett, Laugh-In, Star Trek, and All In The Family.
Law and Order, Cosby Show, Little House, Land of the
I mean, are we talking shows to catch you up on pop culture references or shows that are intelligent and entertaining or shows you-won't-believe-it-existed-otherwise?
You need to see Sesame Street. It's all of the above.

  • Tuesday

    Ever notice Tuesday is actually Threesday? What? You want wit on a Tuesday?

  • The creeping feeling

    Is it.... Monday???

  • (no subject)

    Hrmmm. But do I really need a... YAAAAAAAAAAAAZ!!! DRESS LIGHTZ UP? NO ASK! GIVE! GIVE!! CHANGEZ! COLOURZ!! *inner toddler brain splode*

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