alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

surrender your brains!

and your wallets and your individuality and your self-direction.

Apparently one of the things we can do to stop the intersnits from knowing all about us and controling what we see and learn by what results it puts in our little blue window to the to feed the intersnit misleading information. Search for stuff outside your normal interests. Search for stuff outside your gender. Click on the results that don't match. Click to see the next 5 pages of results. Go deeper. Go furher afield. Skim. Scan. Click with intent.
If enough of us do this often enough we just MIGHT hold onto our selves.
There's a whole big internet out there. Don't keep clicking "feeling lucky" and allow someone else to decide what matters to you. Explore and demand more. Grow an opinion. Grow as a person.

So says I.
Tags: i-say

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