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My cat adopted me. He refused to leave. He likes to be held, he's a lap lover (and puts up with my lap being too small), and he even likes belly pets. He's pretty mellow. He hairballs on the tile instead of the carpets. He is absolutely adorable doing his upside-down cat pose with his little paws curled up and his yellow eyes giving me the come-hither-give-scritches. He purrs. I was being approached by a barking pitbull when a grey blur appeared, swatted the dog and streaked off again, distracting the dog so it stopped and chased him instead. My cat took on a pitbull for me. He is my Gallahad. Of course he also destroyed my Gran's furniture. //Destroyed//. He can get whiny. He's my Pride and I am his. He's stuck with me now cuz I won't let him out after that last vet bill. That's my Valentine.

Yes, I'm procrastinating important chores ATM. Why do you ask? ;)

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    Tired Not My Cat is not my cat if he prefers the neighbor Side question: How does 1 cat on the bed Manage to make it feel like this?

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    This was just posted for we employees to see We needed this 20 years ago. Even 2 years ago

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