alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

dentists want me to die

Okay, they probably don't want that. They want to drain my bank account, torment me while demons from hell take notes for their thesis, and then watch me die.

aka- I've got a few massive cavities and an infection that is progressing and no one will see me. Other than maybe my old dentist and I am NOT going back to him. No one wants to take an emergency case. "Wait until March"
screwed? why, yes. yes i am.
death time. see ya around.


I'm dizzy, frustrated, hot and cold, and my head feels like it is full of sand. Painful sand. Can I get some anti-biotic here??? WTF! Why do all my friends seem to find doctors and dentists who hand out pills like candy and I go to the same people and they refuse to do a damn thing?

I'm gonna die.

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