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Google & Twitter SUCK

Google has declared that for MY convience they will be monitoring my web searches, my email and pretty much anything I do using Google and they will be using that information as they see fit. Mostly to throw /more/ ads at me.
I don't know about you, but one of the reasons I switched to and used Google was //less// ads. But it is not just ads. They will be USING my information.
Google, you SUCK.
These changes are mandatory. I mean, I did //try// to look into how to opt out. I can't understand WTF they are trying to tell me. It was pages of chatter and links to further explinations and a boatload of hoops that I was supposed to jump throught and I THINK they say that I have to (get this)

install more google-ware.

Dashboard. If I install dashboard then there is supposed to be something in there that will allow me to opt out. Now, does anyone else feel pretty damn violated that I have to put MORE google stuff actually /inside/ my machine in order to stop them spying on me? Am I /really/ supposed to f-ing just trust this installation to NOT spy on me...more? Do I look like a lollipop?
Google sucks moose hoof. Moose definately not like.
These changes are automatic opt-in and that SUCKS. Google SUCKS. (In case they are watching. GOOGLE SUCKS!!!)
Collecting my information and demanding more? PISS OFF.

and Twitter? Deciding to censor itself? Because, gee, otherwise they might not be able to do business in countries who might want to censor their own population? TWITTER SUCKS. No, corporations are people now and TWIT has just shown itself to be a shallow, money-grabbing, self-centered, callous, unethical d*ck. If some country is pissed off at its own people and wants to censor them - then let them figure out how. But YOU should not agree to censor yourself and make it easy. SELL OUTS.
Twitter is a sell out. They sold you out. Get pissed off at them right now. Don't wait for the revolution rush.

Not behind a cut because I want them to collect the information. >:P

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