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I'm knitting

Yep. Knitting. Which makes me feel young for all growing up my Gran kept teaching me how to knit. I'd always forget between visits. Now that I've got the hang of it, it also makes me feel old because this is a very old craft.
*click click*
Bamboo needles. All the store had in stock. "Smooth needlepoint never split yarn", the package reads. Unless one is using a knobby boucle' yarn, apparently. Bamboo also does not allow the yarn to slide smoothly along the needle which makes it a bit of a pain.
Note to self: Self was right. Self said in the store "Buy metal needles." But did I listen to self? No, I did not.
But I'm making progress. Is knobby deep blue yarn a girl scarf thing? It was intended for a fellow. Not that he'll really care, but I wonder.
*click click*
I can't send it to anyone in my family. Knitting is Gran's thing and I don't want to steal thunder.
*click click*
Maybe I'll send it to the actor I adore. He needs something to keep his throat warm while he's got a gig. Or maybe I should send it to the lovely young man I made a website for.
*click click*
Maybe I should send it to Tom Baker. Bet he doesn't get many scarves in the mail any more. Or maybe he does. Probably not many of a single color. I wonder if a bunch of DocFour fans all sent him scarves would he donate them to a charity? That wouldn't be a bad thing.
*click click*
Knitting sometimes makes my mind wander into strange memories. Just knitting along and *poof* I remember sitting in the backseat of the car with my Dad driving us past some red brick apartment buildings decorated for the holidays. No reason for it. Same kind of memory pop will happen while I'm at work. Maybe all the boring pieces of my life are connected. "Yes! You can time travel! But only to the dull stuff."
*click click*
I knit a Doctor Who scarf once. I remember sitting in front of the tv with a pen and paper trying to make notes on Tom's scarf. Course the damn thing /changes/ from episode to episode. Quite irritating. Then I figured out that if the scarf changed - I could change the scarf. It doesn't /matter/ if rust follows tan and then yellow. Nope. Accuracy be damned! (The war cry of the Whovian) I dumped out my Gran's knitting bag and went to town. Keeping it in the brown family with a few other colours thrown in, it looked good on me because the colours suited me. Not designed to suit Mr Baker. I'm not six foot whatever tall either so it didn't need to be 18 feet long. Just enough to wrap me proportionately. Cranked out 14 feet of multi-colored goodness in under 3 weeks.
*click click*
It irks me that my family STILL does not 'get' that my Doctor Who scarf is important to me. Bury me with my scarf.
*click click*
Unfortunately I don't know where the scarf is. I think my Mother may have thrown it away. Or perhaps I left it with a friend when I moved. It was a sudden move. Don't ask.
*click click*
Metal needles. Definitely. If I make another Who scarf I will need metal needles. Maybe I'll make a bunch and then stitch them together into a bed cover. Maybe I'll stick knitting needles in my eyes.
*click click*
That would be very Sandman.
I did warn you about the extreme babbling.
*click click*
Knitting needles do not make that sound, btw. Even the metal ones. Shotguns do make that sound.
*click click*

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