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weight loss language

I was listening to NPR and they had a doctor on who was talking about how some people will always have to eat less and excersize more than the person sitting next to them who is the same weight. Some people have a natural 'reset' level that is too high and they will always have to fight it.
She said that the people in her study who had lost signifigant weight, +30 lbs, and had kept it off had to almost adopt anerexic behavior of measuring every single thing they eat, timing when they eat, how much they exercise, etc etc. She said that most to the 'biggest losers' that you see are not ultimately successful, except the ones who then become nutritionists or excersize coaches etc. "They make it the center of their lives."
A woman called in and said that she was concerned about her daughter being overweight at 9 yr old. The mother doesn't allow the pediatrician to talk about weight in front of her daughter. The radio doctor said this was sensible because you don't want to instill guilt and ruin self-image.
Another woman called in and said, "Please, when you talk about it being a life long battle and that I'll have to fight every day - it makes it that much harder for me to do it. It is very discouraging." The radio doctor said, "I'm sorry, but it is. I'm not going to lie to you."

At which point it occured to me: This is an awful lot of NEGATIVE language. Battle. Fight. Guilt. Obsession.
Who are you fighting? Yourself. That's no fun. You're making yourself the enemy.
Or you make food the enemy. But we talk about food the opposite way.
Yummy. Reward. Comfort. Happy.
Who doesn't want that?? How are you not punishing yourself by denying yourself happy?
This is negative. Negative is not good for you.

So I'm thinking, this should come from a place of LOVE. Change the words. Change the 'tude. Feel the LOVE!
Try "Hey, I LOVE me! I'm going to have broccoli because I LOVE ME! Vitamins are needed! Present for ME!"
"I'm going to take the stairs because I want to give myself healthy lungs. I LOVE ME!"
"No fatty cake for me. That would clog my arteries! No, I LOVE ME!"

Would you rather feel 'the burn' or feel the LOVE?
Yeah, that's what I say too. Go hug yourself.
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