alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Mom doesn't understand 'collectable'

my father collected coins as a hobby. This is no a secret.
I found my mother cleaning out one of his drawers and she had a stack of dollar bills up on top of the dresser.
"What's that?"
"Your father was stashing money. It's a free $18 for me."
I look the bills over.
", don't spend these."
"Why not?"
"These are silver certificates."
"They're dollars."
"No, they are silver certificates. They're worth more."
*snark* "How much more? A dollar and 3 cents?"
"I don't know, but I think a lot more."
"A dollar and FIVE cents then. What idiot is going to buy them."
"LOTS of people, Mom."

She added a handful of individually wrapped silver dollars to her pile.
"Mom, this one is from 1924."
"Yeah, so? I'm spending them. I don't hang onto junk."
"Mom, just hang onto them until we can get them checked, okay?"

Newspaper featured a story on an upcoming auction for an Action Comic #1, first comic with Superman. Going for $3.5Million, approximately. The story mentioned that the comic had been stolen awhile ago and had turned up in an abandoned storage unit. The guy who bought the contents, unseen, has put the comic up for sale.
Now /my/ problem with this is that I think the stolen comic should be returned to its owner.
My mother's problem is "Oh, it was stolen? Now they'll never be able to show providence. It's worthless. Shame."

You know why these things are rare and ultra valuable? Because over the years they all run into MOMS who throw out 'junk'.
<.< >.>
Yet they'll keep that $7.50 pastel china swan candy-dish /forever/...
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