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I shopping today, not having much luck, and realized that MY wish list is pretty much exactly the same as it was last year - for I didn't get anything on my list. Huh.
I'm watching the Pee Wee Herman Christmas Special. He sure got a lot of high power guest stars.

Today's lyrics are close to what I wanted to post but not quite it. See, back in elementary school we had our big holiday show in the auditorium and we sang all sorts of songs and one of them was about Hanukkah. "So hush now. And come now. The candles we light one by one. Then hear the story of God and his glory and how Jewish freedom was won". But NO ONE ELSE KNOWS THIS SONG. It was *ahem* a few years ago *cough cough* so I've no way of tracking it down. Shame. I wonder if they still have it kicking around the school...

O Hanukkah, O Hanukkah, come light the menorah.
Let's have a party; we'll all dance the horah.
Gather 'round the table, we'll give you a treat,
Shiny tops to play with and pancakes to eat.
And while we are playing,
The candles are burning low.

One for each night, they shed a sweet light,
To remind us of days long ago. (2x)

O Hanukkah, O Hanukkah, a festival of joy.
A holiday, a jolly day for every girl and boy.
Spin the whirling dreidel all week long.
Eat the sizzling latkes; sing the happy songs.
Now light them tonight then,
The flickering candles in a row.

Retell the wondrous story of God in all his glory,
And dance by the candles’ cheering glow. (2x)

Hebrew (first verse only):
Yemey haChanukah, Chanukat mikdasheynu,
Begil uvesimcha m'malim et libeynu;
Laila vayom s'vivoney nu yisov,
Sufganiyot nochal bam larov.
Hairu hadliku nerot Chanukah rabim,
Al hanisim v'al haniflaot
Asher chol’lu hamakabim.
Al hanisim, v'al haniflaot
Sher chol’lu hamakabim.
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