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I now have my grandmother's autograph book from when she was in elementary school. Public school 54, NYC. Autograph books are odd things if they don't have famous signatures. Ever signed one? Most of the pages have little cliche' "best wishes" or some such and a squiggled signature of people you hardly remember today, much less 70 years on. There are a few novel quotes in there that I may post later, but mostly I'm glad to have it because it was signed by her parents and her grandparents. You can carry a memory and you can pass it on as a story, but it is not the same as an object. Something with physical form. Which is why we have museums.

I also have my great aunt's 'birthday book'. a book for noting birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Jan 3
"Bozo died 1:30AM (our parakeet) 1958"

I've no idea what year she got the book or when she stopped making notes in it, but it is interesting even if I don't know the people being named.

Am I weird? I mean I seem to know a lot of people who would throw all this stuff out. Reems of papers and photos. "Don't know those people. Get rid of the junk." Mother's like that. But I...dunno, feel a responsibility? to hang onto these things. Like if someone doesn't then these people no longer matter. They never lived. They become random names on stones and the names lose purpose. I don't know these people either, but if I read these things, look at the pictures; they get to exist that one extra day as I imagine them. I don't know if that is important or not.
I don't feel we should throw away our ancestors. Someday someone may want to see them. I did. I really struggled to pry information out of my family. There seemed to be a conspiracy to hide it. "Oh that was a long time ago." *sigh*
I'm glad to have /some/ kind of a written record at last. Mother is throwing things out left right and center. I can only sneak so much out of the house at a time.
Must not become a hoarder. (More than I am.)
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