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republican strategy

First, big Thank You to Mississippi voters. I is woman and I appreciate.

I have had an epiphany. I have them a lot, but mostly it is things like "mint icream is green" which I keep to myself. (btw mint ice cream is green.) But I have realized that the Republicans pushing on Church (there can be only one *swish*) and Marriage and Pro-Life ...this is all what they base their social services on. Your /family/, neighbors, and church should all be the ones picking up the bill if something happens to you. Not their tax money.

See? Yeah? Clever, right?

Of course this makes me wonder how much they themselves kick into the collection basket. How much would they donate if there were no tax breaks in it for them?
Am I cynical? You bet your sweet bippie. But is it still cynacism if it is correct?

Hey, which reminds me -Get ready for the whole Gay Marriage thing to get blown up into the election dust storm of "no no pay attention to THIS instead of the issues!" The Respect of Marriage Act is coming.

(Seriously, they lower the taxes on the rich and raise Your taxes and you /like/ them? Put down the kook-aid.)
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