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political language

It is not my idea, but I support the idea that we need to use appropriate adjectives and terminology in politics. And tone.
We need to stop calling medicare an "entitlement". We need to stop saying the word with a snear, mocking the very -IDEA- that hey, /any/ American is "entitled" to being able to pay medical bills or, god forbid, RETIRE with a little dignity. Heaven forbid. No one is entitled to THAT in this country.

And no one calls the defense budget an "entitlement". Why not? No one calls the bush tax cuts "entitlements". wth?

We, as Americans, are damn well Yes ENTTITLED to live and breathe and exist and pursue our damn HAPPINESS. All of us. We, The People. Not We The Corporations. Not We The Happy Few. We THE PEOPLE. Have pitchforks and torches and we're getting damn well pissed off. Unfortunately, we are also dumb as bricks. We are a village of idiots. And we vote. *sigh*

And since it seems about the only joy I shall have in the end, allow me to start now...

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