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lyrics: sense you went away

Since You Went Away
lyrics adapted from: James Weldon Johnson, "Sence You Went Away"

Seems like to me the stars don't shine so bright,
Seems like to me the sun has lost its light,
Seems like to me there's nothing going right,
Since you went away.

Seems like to me the sky ain't half so blue,
Seems like to me that everything wants you,
Seems like to me I don't know what to do,
Since you went away.

And everything is wrong,
The day is twice as long,
And the bird's forgot his song,

Seems like to me I just can't help but sigh,
Seems like to me my throat keeps getting dry,
Seems like to me a tear stays in my eye,
Since you went away.

*sigh* sad blue day today. thank case histories for the sad songs.
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