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audio dramas

I love NPR

And they had a show on the new trend of podcast audio dramas, specifically horror themed.
Tales from Beyond the Pale. That Voltaire does the intro music, as the above clip implies, is another level of cool.
We're Alive - apparently deals with a soldier combating zombies. Zombies are very in. In fact someone at work told me there is a Zombie Run. I don't know where it is, but I'm a toss-up on whether that is cool or really weird.

Oh and um the actor from Hellboy (ron Perlman?) has gone up a notch in appeal simply for his use of language. You go, Ron!

(I've an utter lack of language when needed.)

Hey, LJ has changed the font!

Did I mention that Monday I watched a tv show of a radio drama of Dracula? Actors standing around 2 microphones, in costume, reading from scripts. It's the foley artists that are interesting to watch.
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